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A colon and body cleanse is a big phenomenon in the alternative health field and is now starting to enter into the traditional sector. Cleansing the body is easy, requiring soap and water. A homemade colon cleanse is simple too, but first you should be aware of the benefits, risks and methods.

Colon And Body Cleanse: Reasoning

The reason for a healthy colon and body cleanse, is to purge the body of pollutants and toxins. Detoxifying your colon will give you many health benefits. People have lost weight, gained energy and received a stronger immune system. Several people have also reported that their skin was free of acne, breakouts and other skin conditions after a colon cleanse. For many people, there are several health issues that are actually attributed to an unhealthy colon. On top of that, a colon master cleanse is good for your mental health. Stress decreases, while the ability to concentrate increases. Finally, with a clean colon, your digestion system is better able to absorb healthy nutrients from vitamins and minerals.

Colon And Body Cleanse: Choices

As you can see, colon cleansing is about total body heath. When you are looking for colon cleanse information you should know that there are several different methods. First, there is fasting. Some fasts allow for water only and then there are juice fasts. Many believe that the juice fast is better since you are able to get nutrients from the juice during the fast, which makes it easier on the body. Regardless of fasting regimen, the purpose is to allow the body time to flush out all toxins, while keeping it clean during the process. Then there are detox diets that focus on organic food. During a detox diet, abstaining from meat is ideal.

There are also different types of enemas on the market for people to use for detoxification purpose. Similar to an enema is colonic irrigation, performed by an herbalist or holistic medical doctor.

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If you can’t come to Hawaii, the next best cleanse is Colon Cleanse At Home

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