How Colon Cleansing Aids Weight Loss Part 1

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April 12, 2012

Maybe you want to lose a few pounds to fit back into your favorite clothes, or you have the results of years of bad eating and exercise habits to shed. Either way, you want to lose weight yesterday. You are searching for the answer to rapid weight loss. You have heard about a recently popular method for losing the extra pounds fast, but you need to know how colon cleansing aid weight loss.

Before discussing how colon cleaning aids weight loss, a word of caution is advisable. Colon cleanses are not the answer to years of overeating and junk food. Nor does the process make up for the lack of healthy exercise. Colon cleanses are not the solution to excess pounds. Rather, it is an element of the total life change necessary to become fit and well. If you choose to cleanse your colon, yet continue to overeat, or consume foods that are bad for your body, you will not lose weight in the long run. In fact, it may only result in increased weight gain.

Also, you need to understand that all colon cleansing products are not created equal. Some products actually advertise the benefit of helping you lose weight, others do not. Initially, both choices may result in shedding a few pounds quickly. Why? Supposedly, the colon can store between four and eight pounds of waste. Thus, if the colon is cleansed, it will register on the scale. However, as soon as you start consuming food again, your colon will begin the storage process.

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