Fruit and Vegetable Colon Cleansing Diet Part 3

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Colon Cleansing

Colon Hydrotherapy Retreat

Health Problems Before Colon Cleansing
The following health problems can all be associated with an overloaded colon: ibs, constipation, weight gain, acid reflux, diverticulitis, skin problems, bloating stomach, severe gas, chronic fatigue, stomach pain and hair problems.

How Often to Detoxify
Detoxifying the body will help restore it to its natural balance so that the body will have renewed vitality and energy. There are a variety of ways that you can cleanse and detoxify your body on a daily basis. One of these ways is to use a diet full of fruits and vegetables to cleanse your colon. You must make sure that the vegetables and fruits are uncooked and have been grown naturally. Either eat them whole or puree them into juice. In this way, they act to purify your body.

Another thing that will help cleanse your colon is a daily exercise plan. Perspiring will help to release toxins and keep our pH level in check. In addition, when we dramatically increase our heart rates through doing some form of aerobic exercise, then endorphins are release in our bodies which gives us a feeling of joy and happiness. Any stress or pressure that has been built up in our bodies, exits with a rush!

You can also cleanse your colon on a regular basis by using a colon cleansing kit. You can go to your local health food store and probably pick up a kit but it may be quite expensive. I would suggest looking online first. There are many natural colon cleansing products out there with an average price range between $30 to $88. Just do a Google search on the Internet to compare prices online with the ones at your health food store.

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If you can’t come to Hawaii, the next best cleanse is Mucoidal Plaque Cleanse

Colon Hydrotherapy

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