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Many individuals believe that colonics or colon hydrotherapy is a method to lose weight although other people believe that it does not get rid of toxic matter deep inside the depressions of the colon.

Many experts in this area believe that it is not just eating less and exercising that cause weight loss. But by colon cleansing the metabolism is increased and the food can turn into energy instead of body fat.

Colon hydrotherapy is often used by individuals having troubles with their digestive system. These individuals do report a fast weight loss of about 12 pounds after two weeks of the process. But it must be noted that the weight loss happens because of the mixture of colon hydrotherapy as well as a clean diet and a healthier lifestyle. Because of malnutrition resulting from this process, individuals must think about the healthy method to lose 12 pounds with this therapy.

It is recommended that the individual eats a diet made up of vegetables and raw fruits along with the therapy as a healthy way to lose 12 pounds. Vegetables and fruits such as apples, watermelon, grapes as well as leafy greens hold a lot of fiber which keeps a person full. These foods by far pass easily thru the digestive system and are easy to make into smoothies or juices while going thru the colon hydrotherapy.

Together with the fruits and vegetables consume only lean chicken and fish which is only lightly seasoned with lemon as well as pepper and avoiding red meat and also beans. Lean meats such as fish and chicken are not harsh on your digestive system but are excellent sources of protein while you are losing your 12 pounds with colon hydrotherapy.

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Colon Hydrotherapy

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